Certain fonts not showing up in Flash.

So this is silly, but it wasted about half an hour of my time trying to figure out what was going on. I imported a PSD into photoshop, but for some reason the fonts didn’t come thru properly. I tried to change it manually but the font was not available in the drop down menu. I checked Font Agent Pro (my font management software) as well as Font Book, both had the font and it was activated.

The answer? CS5 uses TLF text by default for all text fields instead of Classic Text. The problem is the font isn’t available in the drop down menu for TLF text fields only for Classic text fields. Why? I don’t know. But if you are experiencing this, change your text field to Classic instead of TLF and that might solve it.

Also, TLF text adds a lot to the file size of a SWF and does some other weird stuff too. Use with caution.

Good luck!

Different issue?
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