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Flash Input text missing the letter “I”

November 10th, 2011

The other day we found a bug on Canned Banners that the letter “I” would not show up in one of our input text fields. Very puzzling indeed because all Latin characters were embedded and we were using Arial. Looking into it further, it turned out to be an anti-aliasing issue. The text field we were using was 11pt Arial with no Ant-Aliasing. So the letter I was basically a 1 pixel line. For some reason, that made the character disappear with those specific settings. I suspect a lowercase l would also have had the same problem. Changing either the font size or the anti-aliasing or the font fixed the issue.

Trouble with image thumbnails when posting URLs on Facebook.

November 10th, 2011

I recently made a single serving site for web designers that just had images of the finger cursor as a transparent PNG available to use in peoples Photoshop mockups. The only images on the site were two 20×20 pixel PNGs. When I posted the link to Facebook no images came up as thumbnails next to the link. I’m guess this was because they were too small (either in dimensions or file size, I’m not sure) to be grabbed by the Facebook image scraping script. I tried uploading a large image of a finger cursor instead, but still no good. After a little bit of googlin’ I discovered that Facebook only updates their images for a URL every 24 hours, but you can force an update by entering your URL here:

It will also tell you what images it’s finding and give you other helpful information for any URL you are planning on posting to Facebook. Quite handy indeed.

You can also specify through code which image you want Facebook to use for a thumbnail by adding this to the head area of your html:

<meta property="og:image" content="whatever_image.png" />