Design System Creation


15Five is a B2B SaaS employee performance management tool with a suite of features to help companies increase employee engagement and productivity through 1-on-1 meetings,…

Growing a design team


When I joined CaseStack as lead UX designer, the design team had been designing some great products to solve the unique problems of this tech-driven…

Design System Overhaul


When I was brought on to lead the CaseStack design team, an existing design system was in place, but it had several problems: It was…

Employee Performance Tool

It’s important to that their employees have a full understanding of how they are performing in their roles. To that end, an internal team…

Reusable Table Component


Not long after joining CaseStack to lead their design team, I started to realized how many of our products were, at their core, data tables….

Presenting Data


During my time at, I saw a lot of data and I saw a lot of data visualizations in the form of bar charts,…