Design System Overhaul


When I was brought on to lead the CaseStack design team, an existing design system was in place, but it had several problems: It was…

Employee Performance Tool

It’s important to that their employees have a full understanding of how they are performing in their roles. To that end, an internal team…

Reusable Table Component


Not long after joining CaseStack to lead their design team, I started to realized how many of our products were, at their core, data tables….

Website Redesign


I designed and built this WordPress site for a student loan startup. In addition, I was responsible for all improvements to the site and ran…

Presenting Data


During my time at, I saw a lot of data and I saw a lot of data visualizations in the form of bar charts,…

52 Poker

Personal Project

A smartphone poker app for faster, simpler play, designed for players who want to improve their poker skills.

Reviews Design System

One of the biggest challenges for the design team at is establishing a consistent look and feel when you have so many teams operating…