Employee Performance Tool


It’s important to Booking.com that their employees have a full understanding of how they are performing in their roles. To that end, an internal team…

Website Redesign


I designed and built this WordPress site for a student loan startup. In addition, I was responsible for all improvements to the site and ran…

52 Poker

Personal Project

A smartphone poker app for faster, simpler play, designed for players who want to improve their poker skills.

Booking.com: Budget Tool

One thing that can be very interesting and useful to travelers is a comparison of how their trip budget compares to others with similar trips….

Weather Compare

Comparing average temperatures between cities is surprisingly difficult using existing web resources. I decided to solve this problem by making a simple site that allows…

Reviews Design System


One of the biggest challenges for the design team at Booking.com is establishing a consistent look and feel when you have so many teams operating…